Herald Suites Honors Heroes Among Us

The promise of change always brings hope—like the pledge of a hero who’ll make a difference amid the endless problems of poverty, corruption, and other national affairs. Who is this hero we are searching for?

Herald Suites, a chain of stellar hotels in Makati, ran a campaign on National Heroes’ Day called “Who’s Your Hero?” In honor of ordinary individuals with extraordinary acts of selfless service, Herald Suites partnered with fashion and portrait photographer Charles Rodulfo in shooting these everyday heroes and the cause they are fighting for.


Fight For Fashion and Nature
Sheila Mae Naghisa Amorsolo Fuentes is a 30-year-old mother to twin girls. She’s also a banker and a sustainable fashion advocate who believes that “being a hero simply starts by being self-aware and being mindful of others, and how you can best address one’s need and prevent harm.”

Growing up with a passion for fashion, she knew she had to do something about the pressing issue of fashion being the number one contributor of pollution. It’s been two years since she founded Forth Co., a platform for this advocacy of sustainable fashion. In pursuit to amplify this cause, she and her partners, Sheila Batac and Sarah Cantera, are collaborating with local brands and other environmentally-conscious fashion companies to take the movement in the Philippines by storm. She continues to educate people about conscious consumption and eco-friendly living habits in the world of fashion, representing the country and her platform at the recent ASEAN Regional Forum on Promotion of Sustainable Consumption 2019.


Honesty Beyond Housekeeping
The 26-year-old Anne Margarette Roque Lapena, a housekeeping attendant at Herald Suites received the “Employee of the Month” award for June-July. She continues to display excellence in her craft as a housekeeping attendant.

She embodies the loving hands, an iconic gesture of the hotel which is a sign of warm service, care, and Filipino hospitality. Not only that, she showcased integrity when she returned a significant amount of money left in the closet drawer by a foreign guest without having any second thoughts. Having the bravery to do what is right is truly an act of an everyday hero.


Valor in Volunteer Firefighting
“A hero is someone who steps up for someone who is in need,” RD Llarena said. This 33-year-old is a freelance content marketer and editor supervisor during the day, and volunteers as a firefighter at night. With the desire to readily help anyone whose life is in danger, Llarena sought ways to equip himself in first aid and rescue training where he discovered his calling of firefighting.

As a volunteer firefighter, they are at the frontline in extinguishing burning buildings or houses. He is one of the courageous men of Barangay Pasong Tamo Fire Brigade under fire director Brgy. Captain Banjo Pilar. Waking up to an urgent radio call in the middle of the night, rushing into flames with a 23-kilogram fireman suit on, and saving victims in peril are true acts of an everyday hero.


Youth Movement as Nation’s Investment
When Daniel Carandang was asked what makes a hero, he answered, “A hero is someone who saves, someone who rescues.” Being a youth leader for more than 12 years, the 30-year-old believes that the way to save the nation’s future is to invest in the youth one campus at a time.

He left the corporate world to dedicate his life mentoring students in the aspects of Christian values, excellence, and leadership under the nationwide campus movement of Elevate. Like other youth leaders of the movement, sharing his life makes him a big brother and a father figure to thousands of students. Producing leaders with his own ambitious vision, developing their strengths and abilities through ministry programs, and grounding them in the faith are true acts of an everyday hero.

To learn more about them, you can watch our video campaign!


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