Herald Suites: A Breath of Fresh Air and Sophistication in the City

City life and all its modern developments might be exciting and stimulating, but there are still moments when we want to go back to simpler times. While time machines have yet to exist, there’s a time capsule in Makati where you can go when you want to indulge your nostalgia: Herald Suites. With its old-world charm and vintage vibe, Herald Suites is a breath of fresh air in the busy, fast-paced metro.

Over the years, as Makati rapidly developed into a business district filled with skyscrapers, the hotel has kept up with the changes while still preserving its identity. With over two decades in the hotel industry, Herald Suites has established its brand not just in the country but also along the Asia-Pacific region. But what exactly does this boutique hotel offer that has given it an established reputation and earned loyal customers? Read on to find out.

1. It is found in a convenient location.

Herald Suites lies along Don Chino Roces Ave, within the concrete jungle of Makati. The area where it is located is known as one of the leisure and business districts of Makati since it is near malls, restaurants, and business centers. With all the accessible places around the hotel, guests can easily find something to do to fill their time. Additionally, because Herald Suites is just a drive away from the airport, it is conveniently accessible for tourists as well.

2. Each guest experiences a “personalized” stay.

The hotel is consistent in serving every guest with their famed Filipino hospitality. They also make sure that their visitors would have a ‘personalized stay,’ so members of the hotel staff will remember not just your name but also your specific requests and preferences. The warm service does not stop when you step inside your room, as Herald Suites also greets guests with a personalized welcome message with complimentary sweets in their room.

3. The hotel has impressive interiors.

If there is one word to describe the entire look of Herald Suites, it would be “charming.” The hotel merges Filipino, Spanish, and Mediterranean aesthetics and incorporates them in different parts of the interiors. For instance, the floors are adorned with the colorful patterns of Machuca tiles—Mediterranean-style cement tiles that usually have vibrant flowers and geometric designs. Meanwhile, the walls are adorned with antique illustrations from London News prints of life in 18th century Philippines. Litographs of flora and fauna also hang in hallways and guest rooms.

The lobby itself is full of classic and elegant decorations and pieces of furniture. From the old Venetian-style cut glass mirrors to the antique hardwood altar tables, each décor and piece of furniture showcases excellent craftsmanship and woodwork expertise.

Part of Herald Suites’ defining feature is its mesmerizing atrium. The hotel has nine floors, and the atrium showcases a spectacular view of its layers.

4. The rooms carry the familiar feeling of home.

There are total of 88 guest rooms in Herald Suites and a total of four types of rooms to choose from: Standard, Superior King, Deluxe, and Junior Suite. From the warm and ambient lighting to the pieces of wooden furniture, each of the rooms has a vibe reminiscent of old Filipino homes.

Each room is equipped with amenities such as a cable TV, towels, air conditioner, WIFI, bathrobes, toiletries, and a safety deposit box. A welcome drink also awaits every guest. In addition, all of the rooms have complete bathroom facilities, including a toilet, bidet, shower, and bathtub. Rooms in the new wing of the hotel also feature Japanese-style toilets that let you control the water pressure.


Despite the amenities that all the rooms share, there are several features that still differentiate the room types, and these are presented below.


Want to have some alone time? The Standard room (PhP4,000++ for single; PhP9,000++ for double or twin) is an excellent choice for solo travelers who want to have an entire room to themselves. But if a pal wants to come along, he or she can also stay in comfortably because guests can also choose a Standard room with a twin or double bed.


With its bright interiors and relaxing ambiance, the Deluxe room (PhP6,000++ for single; PhP7,000++ for double or twin) is the place for those who want to feel at peace. The main feature of this room is the Queen-sized bed that can be shared by two to three persons.

Junior Suite

If you want to go big but still feel at home, the Junior Suite (PhP7,000++ for single; PhP8,000++ for double or twin) is the biggest room in the entire hotel. Each room features a king-sized bed and a receiving area for guests.

5. You will never go hungry with their food options.

Deciding on where and what to eat can be difficult most days, but Hatsu Hana-Tei, Coca Cafe, and Meridian Cafe within Herald Suites will make it easy for you.

Hatsu Hana-Tei

When you’re craving for Japanese dishes, head to Hatsu Hana-Tei. The restaurant has been around since the hotel’s early days, and it has been a hub for both Japanese and Filipinos alike. Hatsu Hana-Tei strikes a close resemblance to Japanese restaurants with its sushi bar and seven private rooms for groups of six to eight people.

With a Japanese chef in the kitchen, diners can be assured that the dishes served are authentic. Some of the items on the menu are various kinds of sushi, tempura, and karaage (deep fried dishes). House specialties include the battera hako sushi (pressed box sushi), kinshi sumaki (sliced salmon, ebi, radish, and grouper wrapped in nori), and ume sashimi (platter of assorted sashimi). Japanese alcoholic drinks such as sake, Japanese whiskey, beers, and wines are also available at the bar.

Coca Cafe

For fine dining delights, you can head to Coca Cafe. Located in the ground floor of the hotel, the café offers various culinary goodies from the Philippines such as lechon kawali (pan-roasted pork) and 12 hour pork adobo. If you’re craving for international dishes, you’re in the right place as Coca Cafe also serves Spanish dishes like beef salpicao as well as Italian-style pastas. Meat lovers would also enjoy the restaurant’s signature steaks such as filet mignon, T-bone, New York strip, and porterhouse.

Meridian Cafe

Also located just a few steps away from the reception is the Meridian Cafe. Compared to Coca Cafe, this place is more of a lounge where guests can enjoy classic drinks and cocktails. With its warm subdued ambiance and soft jazz sounds, Meridian Cafe is your go-to for a chill drinking night.

6. The rooftop pool is a sweet hangout place.

When you’re not taking advantage of the view of the city from the rooftop, you can take a dip in Herald Suite’s four to five-feet pool. Surrounded by plants, the pool is a cool spot in the hotel to unwind. If you want to stay away from the sun for a while, there is a lounge near the poolside where you can chill out.

7. The hotel is an ideal place for events and parties.

With a capacity up to 80 persons, the Palmeras Banquet Hall has enough space to host social and corporate events, training seminars, and parties. With this hall’s airy and elegant Spanish colonial-inspired interiors, any event held in it will surely be stunning.

In an ever-changing city like Makati, it is hard not to be swept away by the advancements. But Herald Suites manages to keep up with the fast pace of the city in its own, delightful way—one characterized by warmth and welcome. Herald Suites takes pride not only in their fine facilities, but also in their pleasant and personal service. So whether you’re a foreigner exploring the metro or a local having a staycation, the hospitality of Herald Suites will make you feel right at home.


Article credit to: LawatserongTsinelas2017

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