We Choose A Better Normal

Herald Suites defines a Better Normal 
Normal must get better because customer experience has definitely changed, it has to get better. 
As the hospitality industry continues to struggle with the downturn, Herald Suites has had to learn from the Covid pandemic by rethinking how the hotel guest’s journey should now unfold. Maximizing guest’s utmost safety and comfort and minimizing inconveniences was just a necessary place to start. 
Looking inward, there were lessons learned by the management and staff that were eye-openers, a fresh sense of appreciation and gratefulness offered a new perspective on everything taken for granted in the past about customer care. The fact that life as we knew just changed overnight made the hotel staff more sensitive to their guests’s as well as their own personal safety and wellbeing.
A  Better Normal in place
At Herald Suites a stronger commitment to do good for the whole is evident, no task is too small or too big and employees rise to the occasion when a need outside their scope of work arises. Helping each other has never been better.
Every single quarantined guest must have a good experience,  during times of fear and anxiety management brings a sense of calm and certainty to something that seems uncertain. 
Every Herald Suites employee chooses to be at their best even more so, during these times. They continue to pay attention to themselves and their daily routines from grooming to deportment, even if things seem to have slowed down and no one will notice.
Lastly, relationships will live on, it is more important than ever to stay in touch with all guests whether by phone, email, text or the old-fashioned letter though they will not replace face-to-face interaction.
While the challenges of communicating responsibly during a pandemic environment are evolving, Herald Suites employees maintain open lines of communication with guests through daily phone calls, sharing a quick moment of humanity, making someone feel listened to, and less isolated. 
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